About Cargo Muntenia International

Cargo Muntenia International is a company operating in the field of customs and logistics.
The values and principles of our work are: reliability, attention to customer needs, optimal solutions and rational costs.
We aim to continually improve the qualification of our staff and constantly applying the newly acquired knowledge in our daily work.
Our team's experience originates in logistics, as such, we are aware that to satisfy the customer and meet complex logistics requirements, experience, operation speed, cost efficiencies and optimized performance are the basic ingredients which we furnish to all our clients and partners.

We offer you complex customs solutions and a complete range of logistics services, through open communication, technological resources, integrity and a genuine desire to serve you better. We focus specifically on your business needs.
Our ability to provide you with realistic solutions to improve your logistics will surely give you an advantage over your competition.
We will strive to be more efficient, more cost effective and to achieve higher quality service to our customers.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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